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Commure’s New “Get Started Experience”: Guides and Tools for Healthcare Application Development

February 17, 2021 3 min read

Commure Developer Experience Team

Commure Developer Experience Team

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Last year, Commure unveiled the Commure Developer Platform to lower the barriers to innovating in healthcare by giving developers the tools needed to build and deploy fully compliant healthcare applications. Today, Commure is releasing a collection of new tools and guides that improve the developer experience and make getting started with the Commure Developer Platform simple.

Available immediately, developers can create a free account to access the following new resources.

Scenario Builder allows developers to create a randomized, realistic, and hand-curated synthetic dataset to use during the development of an application. With an easy-to-use point-and-click interface, developers can simply select the FHIR® resources they need.

Resource Manager expands upon the Data Explorer functionality with regards to viewing FHIR resources in a developer’s database. Developers will enjoy a completely revamped user interface from which they can also search, create, edit and delete new FHIR resource records as needed.

App Management Resources

App Registration streamlines the process of registering a new application with Commure’s backend and is an important first step in developing a healthcare application on the Commure Developer Platform. This feature allows developers to document their applications and register a new client that can authenticate with our Platform and perform operations through our FHIR API. Developers are also able to view, edit, and delete their existing app registrations on an intuitive user interface.

Complete Developer Guides

Users that create a free account on the Commure Developer Platform now have access to four new tutorials that guide developers through the lifecycle of healthcare application development. The new tutorials highlight how to get started with Commure, how to build a complex clinical application, how to understand practical clinical scenarios, and how to navigate FHIR data.

Build a Patient Chart is an interactive developer guide to help users build a basic patient chart using Commure components and data libraries. Ultimately, the goal of this guide is to give developers a canvas they can use to expand and customize reference applications.

About Commure:

Commure is a San Francisco-based technology company focused on accelerating healthcare software innovation. The company’s developer-facing product, based on the FHIR standard, makes it seamless for software developers to create and deploy next generation healthcare applications with a secure, reliable, compliant and interoperable foundation based on modern standards. Commure offers developers transparent control from security and compliance review to clinical informatics, while enabling integration and a HIPAA-attested cloud environment. Commure was hatched at General Catalyst, which has backed healthcare companies such as Livongo, Oscar, Mindstrong, and Color. For more information, please visit

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Commure Developer Experience Team

Commure Developer Experience Team

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