Ready to pilot your own route to rapid and enduring transformation?

Thanks for connecting with us at HLTH! If you’re ready to take the next step, tell us what course you want to chart — we’ll be your co-pilot from point “A to Blooming” health ecosystem.

CommureOS: Your transformation journey is ready for takeoff.

As the first operating system designed for healthcare, CommureOS provides flexible tools to pilot your own route towards rapid and meaningful innovation. You chart your course —we’ll champion your journey every step of the way.

  • Connect clinical and operational data points directly in your workflows to make insights actionable in the moments that matter

  • Leverage healthcare-native building blocks to create and augment workflows rapidly, at scale, and with ease

Reconfigure clinical and non-clinical workflows multiple times for multiple use cases

Outpace the rate of change in healthcare for enduring transformation

Bring new workflows and applications to life in 2 months — not 2 years.

Commure Strongline: You can’t spell “enduring transformation” without “safeguard”.

As the simplest solution designed for faster time to safety, Commure Strongline protects and empowers your workforce as the first and most crucial step in your transformation journey.

  • Significantly increase early intervention and de-escalation to mitigate violence

  • Reliably protect and cover all staff in any facility 

  • Track and report critical data to improve prevention measures

  • Easily and affordably deploy the solution in as little as 1-2 weeks with no disruption to your organization

93% of Commure Strongline badge-wearers feel a sense of safety when dealing with a difficult patient.


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