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As the first operating system designed for healthcare, CommureOS empowers every person in the health ecosystem to spend less time tangled in technology and more time present in the moment of care.

You pick your destination. Our operating system will get you there.

Your digital transformation journey is unlike any other, requiring a unique and ever-evolving set of integration standards, data models, cloud vendors, and health tech solutions. Whether you’re looking to invest in value-based care, offer a hybrid care setting, scale digital innovations, or anything in between, CommureOS is fully tailorable through code and configuration to meet your specific needs — and unlock new opportunities.

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of health executives say they are currently innovating with a sense of urgency, but only...

Source: Accenture


of health organizations are 
“fit to thrive”

Source: Gartner


Commure’s operating system unifies the data you need from your disparate internal and external data sources, regardless of complexity, which enables you to have a comprehensive and neatly packaged patient record.


By surfacing and visualizing essential patient data in the moment, clinicians can access it when and where they need it to deliver the most informed care.


With ready-to-launch applications — including Commure Care, Commure Perform, and Commure Strongline — you can quickly and seamlessly boost clinical efficiency, optimize financial performance, and protect your workforce.


Still have an organizational need to meet? Our next-generation developer platform, powered by CommureOS, will enable you to create or customize scalable solutions with pro-code and intuitive low- or no-code tools.

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