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Meet the Staff Duress System Designed for You

At Commure Strongline, we’ve reimagined the hospital panic button as a discreet wearable badge that protects and empowers your entire workforce, one staff member at a time.

We believe healthcare’s largest challenges require the simplest solutions. That’s why Commure Strongline is a powerful duress‑alerting solution with portable staff safety badges that are easily installable and scalable.

Staff safety — and retention — starts here.

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Create an environment of safety with an easily deployable “plug-and-protect” solution.

Protect all employees across all facilities with individually assigned wearable badges.

Deliver real-time distress alerts via text, app, or an existing communication solution.

Following its acquisition in January 2022, Strongline is now Commure Strongline, an affordably robust and easy‑to‑deploy solution designed to effectively protect and empower every person in the health ecosystem.

Combating workplace violence requires a holistic understanding of the crisis — including the full scope of your staff’s experience.

Workplace violence in healthcare is a monumental challenge. Nurses are physically assaulted every 30 minutes.

And yet, this is only the tip of the iceberg. 70% of incidents go unreported.

Commure Strongline was purposefully developed at a leading health system as the first solution to protect all staff no matter who they are or where they are — whether in an inpatient unit on the 9th floor, a physician office building, or in the hospital gift shop.

Built by frontline caregivers, Commure Strongline knows exactly how to protect your staff.

Our proactive solution prevents and de-escalates workplace violence across all care facilities, regardless of the scale or staff volume — allowing your organization to:

Recruit and attract top clinical staff

$4-8M on average spent per year per facility on replacing nursing staff who turnover.

Source: American Hospital Association

Retain staff for the long term

Safety is the number one factor nurses report they consider when deciding whether to stay in their role.

Source: McKinsey & Company

Improve staff wellness and reduce burnout

Those exposed to workplace violence are 2-4x more likely to report high levels of PTSD, anxiety, depression, and burnout.

Source: PubMed

Deliver exceptional 
patient outcomes

Enhanced staff perceptions of organizational safety translates to 22% higher CMS star ratings.

Source: Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

Commure Strongline is purpose-built to keep staff safe by empowering healthcare organizations to:

Prioritize de-escalation

Reactive intervention isn’t enough. Combating workplace violence requires proactive prevention before it escalates.

Successful de-escalation is a combination of strategies intended to reduce a patient’s agitation and aggression.

Cover all staff, in all facilities

Workplace violence doesn’t discriminate — so neither should your workforce safety solution. Everyone can be impacted, and everyone deserves to be protected.

Violence in the workplace shouldn’t be an inevitability that anyone has to endure — yet, for so many clinicians, staff, and employees in healthcare facilities, it is a constant and looming concern.

Track and report critical data to improve prevention measures

Workplace violence can’t only be combated in episodes — it requires a data-driven approach to inform broader prevention strategies.

Safety shouldn’t come with sacrifice. Commure Strongline empowers health organizations to proactively keep their facilities safe with a comprehensive alerting and reporting solution.

Commure Strongline is built for reliability — trust and safety go hand in hand


of badge-wearers feel their organization is trying to provide a safer workplace


solution support and maintenance

“Using this creative, easily installed, and relatively inexpensive solution not only keeps our colleagues safe, but also generates deep appreciation for leadership’s commitment to their safety. And the ROI beyond goodwill is nearly immediate. […] This is a ‘no brainer.’”

Stephen K. Klasko, MD, MBA
Former President, Thomas Jefferson University
Former CEO, Jefferson Health

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