Healthcare has big aspirations. We have an operating system to bring them to life.

As the first operating system designed for healthcare, CommureOS enables organizations to create the solutions they need or choose from ready-to-use applications — making it easier than ever to transform insights into action and innovate at scale.

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Staff safety starts with Commure Strongline

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We believe healthcare’s largest challenges — like mitigating workplace violence — require the simplest solutions. That’s why Commure Strongline, a powerful duress-alerting solution built by and for frontline caregivers, protects workers across any facility with easy-to-install portable staff safety badges.

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Today’s healthcare ecosystem is fragmented by disconnected systems and siloed datasets.

Commure bridges these systems and unsilos critical data to keep clinicians and staff connected, protected, and productive in the moment of care.

Together, we are building a vibrant health ecosystem that advances care through collaboration.

Our Operating System

Designed for the People of the Health Ecosystem


Unify all your data for a comprehensive and neatly packaged patient record.


Surface your most essential data when and where clinicians need it to deliver informed care.


Accelerate your clinical, financial, and operational performance with ready-to-launch applications.


Create or customize the scalable solutions you need with ease.

“Our partnership is a critical step in establishing a tech platform that is singular for us… that enables ease of use and management of patients, staff, and new companies that can come in to join us on our journey to health assurance.”

Bruce Meyer, MD, MBA
President, Jefferson Health
Senior Executive Vice President, Thomas Jefferson University

An Announcement from Commure CEO, Ashwini Zenooz, MD

An Announcement from Commure CEO, Ashwini Zenooz, MD

Introducing A New Category of Technology for Innovation in Healthcare: the Healthtech Operating System

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