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Commure Platform to Power Jefferson Health's Digital Transformation

General Catalyst announced a long-term agreement for Jefferson Health to leverage Commure's common architecture for future innovation initiatives
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So long "Sick Care", 
hello "Health Assurance"

Delivering same-size-fits-all, reactive care to sick patients isn’t health care, it’s sick care. Sick care exists in geographic and digital silos, leaving patients and providers with subpar outcomes and experiences.

Health systems and digital health companies have to navigate a splintered web of technology solutions to harness the power of the consumer-centric, data-driven innovations.

Cue Commure

We’re the cloud-based, interoperable platform that's re-architecting the sick care system from the inside out. By uniting a network of health innovators, we’re mending fragmentation to help more people stay healthy with personalized care from anywhere, anytime.

We call this Health Assurance.

Weaving the connective 
fabric for Health Assurance

We are proud to serve as the common architecture for cutting-edge innovators and Health Assurance companies working to bend the cost curve and help society stay well. Our universal platform is fueling a health ecosystem that will be:



Proactive treatment of mind and body

Unequivocally equitable

Unequivocally equitable

On-demand consumer-grade health for all

Economically rational

Economically rational

Motivated by quality and affordability

Healthcare’s greatest innovators 
are writing their own "sick care" to "health care" stories with Commure

We’re bringing Health Assurance to some of the world’s most visionary health systems and digital health companies:

UofL HealthBoston Children's HospitalJefferson HealthEinstein Healthcare NetworkBoston Medical Center
Hemant Taneja

“Commure is the linchpin company realizing the promise of Health Assurance and transforming our current system of 'sick care' into one that is more proactive, consumer-focused, accessible and effective for millions of people everywhere.”

Hemant Taneja
Hemant TanejaHemant TanejaHemant Taneja

Hemant Taneja

Executive Chair & Co‑founder, Commure

Managing Director, General Catalyst

Co-founder, Livongo

Join us in weaving the fabric of tomorrow's health ecosystem