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Revenue Cycle Management

Athelas RCM optimizes the claims and billing process driving and reduces errors and costs with AI-powered RCM.

Clinical Care Coordination

Commure Engage powers automated clinical care coordination and advanced scheduling with 
500+ digital patient journeys.


Athelas Scribe and Intake automate clinical documentation
 to dramatically save time with AI-powered ambient listening and document processing.

Workplace Violence Prevention

Commure Strongline Pro rapidly de-escalates workplace violence with real-time duress alerting to
help protect –– and retain –– staff.


Unleash Efficient AI-Powered Documentation

Discover how much time you can save on documentation with an intelligent clinical scribe that works in multi-speaker and multi-language conversation across clinical settings.

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Automate Intelligent Care Journeys

Commure, Amelia, and NTT Data are partnering to enable providers and payers to enhance evidence-based clinical care coordination with Conversational AI and scale high-quality digital health experiences.

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Boost Payments, Faster

See how a transparent, automated, and responsive revenue cycle management (RCM) solution is helping practices minimize denials, collect more patient payments, and boost overall revenue. 

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Download the WPV White Paper

Delve into the alarming statistics surrounding workplace violence and examine its impact on both staff and patient wellbeing. Learn proactive measures to mitigate workplace violence risks and create secure environments for healing.

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