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Meet our ready-to-launch applications, designed to connect and empower clinicians and staff across the health ecosystem. Whether you’re looking to enable seamless care delivery, boost organizational performance, or improve the clinician experience, we have an app for you:

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Commure Care

Formerly known as PatientKeeper Clinical Workflow Solutions

Commure Care works across multiple EHRs and data sources to surface timely insights, via mobile or desktop, directly at the point of care so that clinicians focus less on screen time and more on face time.

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of physicians believe the “efficient integration of collected data” is necessary to have on mobile

Source: PubMed Central

30-60 mins

saved on average per day by clinicians who use Commure Care

“Without technologies like this, it’s very difficult to keep those primary care providers in the loop and, frankly, learn from them. They understand their patients better than anyone in the hospital. You need to adapt to mobile providers and clinical communications and workflows now driving patient care, or you won’t stay relevant in the new world.”

Mark Radlauer, MD
CMIO, HCA Healthcare, Continental Division

Commure Care Modules

Clinical Documentation

Capture robust, data-rich clinical notes for clinicians on the go.

Clinical Results Viewing

Access comprehensive patient data anytime, anywhere.


Quickly submit accurate prescriptions to a patient’s local pharmacy at discharge.

Secure Messaging

Securely message with collaborating providers using real-time patient information.


Submit orders with fewer clicks, taps, and screens.

Medication Reconciliation

Seamlessly track and transition patient medications from home to hospital and back.

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Commure Perform

Formerly known as PatientKeeper Revenue Integrity Solution

Commure Perform helps health systems ensure revenue integrity by identifying reimbursable services, enabling actionable reporting and analysis, and improving claim submission accuracy.

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of healthcare leaders characterize charge capture as “essential” to their organization’s success

Source: Sage Growth Partners


increase in identified billable charges among hospitals using Commure Perform, amounting to millions annually in “found revenue”

“We use three EHRs — it will take about 4-5 people before the charge is entered into the billing system. But with Commure Perform, we just find it, fix it, and send it through.”

Crystal Carr
Tulane Medical Group

Commure Perform Modules

Charge Capture

Enter provider charges at the point of care or anywhere, quickly and easily.

Charge-Note Reconciliation

Automatically match clinical notes to charges to capture lost revenue.

Financial Reporting

Gain new insights into charge information with visual dashboards and detailed reports.

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