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    About Commure

    Healthcare has an incredible opportunity to usher in a new era of meaningful change and scalable transformation. Yet we’re facing an innovation paradox: The more solutions that enter our industry looking to fix it, the more fragmented we become — unintentionally compromising connected innovation for a sea of silver-bullet solutions.

    Care shouldn’t come with compromise. That’s why Commure is rearchitecting healthcare from the inside out. Our intelligent operating system and original applications connect, protect, and empower the people of healthcare in the moments that matter most.

    Together, we are building a vibrant health ecosystem rooted in collaborative care and connected innovation.

    Working with Leading Health Systems from the Inside Out

    Our deep clinical expertise and sophisticated technology connect and serve leading health institutions and innovators across the ecosystem.

    Led by World-Class Health & Tech Experts

    A Note from Commure CEO, Ashwini Zenooz, MD

    The Road Ahead: Uniting Health Innovators for Connected Care and Collective Wellbeing

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