Commure Strongline Wins Industry Innovation Award for Protecting the Healthcare Workforce

Commure Strongline Wins Healthcare Security Award

Commure’s Staff Safety Solution Named Best IoT Healthcare Security
Solution by 2023 MedTech Breakthrough Awards

SAN FRANCISCO, May 3, 2023 — Commure, Inc., a leading healthcare technology company committed to connecting, protecting, and empowering the healthcare workforce, today announced that Commure Strongline, its staff safety solution purpose-built to protect workers from workplace violence, earned the 2023 Best IoT Healthcare Security Solution award by MedTech Breakthrough.

Commure Strongline is a small badge with a big impact on workforce safety: Providers, nurses, and other staff members at protected organizations simply press the button on their individually assigned wearable badge when they feel under duress. This sends a silent discreet alarm to onsite security teams as well as team leaders and proximate colleagues, enabling early intervention and quick de-escalation of potential incidents or conflicts.

“Every 30 minutes, a healthcare worker is assaulted, putting an unacceptable and unsustainable strain on our healthcare workforce — and it’s our responsibility as healthcare technology builders and solution providers to help hospitals take action,” said Ashwini Zenooz, MD, CEO of Commure. “At Commure, we believe that healthcare’s largest challenges often require the simplest solutions. That’s why we’re proud and privileged to help health systems nationwide mitigate and prevent incidents of violence with Commure Strongline.”

In addition to improving workforce safety measures, Commure Strongline offers a robust security dispatch dashboard with real-time reporting capabilities to drive long-term improvement and create a culture of safety. By giving leadership and security teams safety-related insights, they can proactively understand trends, track duress events, take appropriate action, and mitigate future risks in support of their colleagues.

“Today, an investment in the security of your workforce is an investment in the success of your health system,” said Tim Johnsen, chief operating officer at Presbyterian Healthcare Services. “Since deploying Commure Strongline, we’ve seen improvements in key safety metrics, such as decreased emergency response times. We heard from our workforce how the Strongline system has helped them feel safer and supported.”

“When we helped to develop and test Strongline, we hoped that this solution would be able to help not just our organization, but others across the country — and it’s been incredible to see that vision come to life,” said Joe Byham, vice president of public safety at Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health. “We are honored to be a part of Commure Strongline’s journey and proud to use it across our own facilities to protect our remarkable staff and the important work that they do.”

Today, Commure Strongline is protecting tens of thousands of clinicians and healthcare staff across hundreds of hospitals, health systems, and healthcare facilities from workplace violence. Not only does the wearable badge help to prevent and de-escalate violent incidents, it has a direct impact on team morale and culture: 99% of healthcare workers who wear the Commure Strongline badge feel their organization is trying to provide a safer workplace.

“In an industry powered by a workforce who spend their lives delivering intimate and compassionate care, it’s astonishing that those same caregivers face workplace violence rates higher than any other industry,” said James Johnson, managing director at MedTech Breakthrough. “With Commure Strongline, health systems can protect their people and, in turn, create a culture of safety that has a direct impact on retention, engagement, and outcomes. Congratulations to the Commure team for taking home a well-deserved 2023 MedTech Breakthrough Award.”

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