Streamlined digital patient care journeys. Evidence-based clinical care coordination.

Our scalable clinical care coordination platform helps health systems, payors, and life sciences alike engage their patients across every line of service.

  • Deep clinical expertise and evidence-based digital care pathways.
  • Manage multiple digital initiatives at scale.
  • Create millions of operational efficiencies with automation.
  • Reduce digital fatigue and manual work for teams.
  • Activate, engage, and monitor patients across their care journeys.
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Create millions of efficiencies with 500+ automated and AI-driven digital care pathways.

Engage your patients as active participants in their unique care journey with Commure Engage. Our automated clinical care coordination platform drives exceptional experiences for patients and tangible outcomes for care providers:

Improve care access and quality

by making it easier than ever to schedule, monitor, and follow up on care needs

Reduce the cost of care

by lowering the risk for no-shows and encouraging preventative care visits

Increase system revenue

by decreasing costly patient readmissions and reducing patient leakage

Meet your patients where they are, when they need it — regardless of care specialty, medical facility, or patient history

With more than 500 curated and customizable digital care pathways, Commure Engage combines multiple digital therapeutics, automated nudges, devices, and AI analytics from within the EHR to support patients wherever their care journey takes them.

Preventative Medicine

Social Determinants of Health

Preventative Medicine





Respiratory Systems





Enhance the patient experience by opening the digital front door and offering multiple touchpoints for easy engagement.

Streamline omnichannel communications to engage your patients –– on mobile or in person –– before, during, and after the point of care. For example, an optimized care pathway for an ICD (implantable cardioverter defibrillator) prescription and procedure may look like this:

Step 1

Introduction video to patients explaining about the program along with appointment confirmation

1 hour after device prescription

Step 2

Patient-friendly microlearning videos and information about the device and upcoming procedure

2 days after device prescription

Step 3

SMS and email reminders before the procedure and instructions on how to prepare

1 day before procedure at 7:30am

Step 4

Patients will be provided with directions to the facility and where to check-in

On the day of procedure

Step 5

  • Follow-up care instructions, dos and don’ts
  • Two-way SMS messaging with the care team

1 day after procedure

Step 6

Follow-up appointment reminder information on lifestyle and patient satisfaction survey

6 days after procedure at 9:00am

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