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Workplace violence is not part of the job.

Give your nurses peace of mind at work with the push of a button.

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Your staff is your greatest asset — safety is your greatest lever to protect and empower them.

Watch below to see how the Strongline Pro safety badge instantly summons nearby colleagues and security staff for support to help resolve incidents at the earliest sign of duress.

Strongline Pro is the only staff safety solution designed by and for frontline caregivers. Our simple yet powerful duress-alerting solution will keep your nurses safe, secure, and smiling at work.

Discreet badges for all staff move seamlessly between any covered facility.

Alerting to nearby help with name and real-time location enables early conflict intervention.

Comprehensive tracking and reporting solution that helps meet new regulatory requirements.

Learn more about how Strongline Pro offers the simplest solution with the fastest time to safety.

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