Children’s Hospital Webinar

Why Preventing Violence Is Imperative For Patient Safety, Staff Wellness, and Organizational Health

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Thursday February 23, 2023
3:30 pm ET / 12:30 pm PT

It is unimaginably stressful for parents to see their children hospitalized –– whether due to respiratory illness or any other life-threatening condition –– including the growing behavioral and mental health crisis. It is unfortunate but not surprising that healthcare workers in pediatric units experienced some of the highest rates of workplace violence in 2022 –– which threatens the ability of your Children’s Hospital staff to deliver excellent care and service to patients and families.

Your staff are your most critical resource to deliver on your number one imperative: to provide the safest and highest quality care to patients. If caregivers are fearful of or experience verbal or physical abuse, they cannot do their jobs well and may consider other career options. That’s why preventing violence and aggression in Children’s Hospitals is critical for patient safety, staff wellness, and organizational health.

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Meet Our Speakers

Our speakers are fierce advocates of preventing workplace violence against all staff in healthcare. With decades of experience working in Children’s Hospitals, they bring a unique lens on how this issue impacts care in these settings –– and what prevention strategies work best.

Howard Grant,

Former Staff Pediatrician, Medical Director for Quality, Safety and Risk Management & Director Home Care Program at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Former CMO, Geisinger Health

Retired CEO, Lahey Clinic and Health System

Jeanne Venella,

Certified Adult and Pediatric Emergency Nurse

Chief Nursing Executive, with over 25 years of experience at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

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