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Why Preventing Workplace Violence Is Imperative For Children’s Hospitals

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Did you know that 92% of healthcare staff experienced an incident of workplace violence in just this past April alone? Threats against your workforce are tragically very real and pervasive — with equally real and far-reaching consequences.

Watch an illuminating conversation — between several leaders with deep expertise in Children’s Hospitals clinical programs and workplace violence prevention strategies — to learn how to prevent violence and aggression in your Children’s Hospital while dramatically improving staff wellness, patient outcomes, and organizational health.

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Meet Our Speakers

Our speakers are fierce advocates of preventing workplace violence against all staff in healthcare. With decades of experience working in Children’s Hospitals, they bring a unique lens on how this issue impacts care in these settings –– and what prevention strategies work best.

Howard Grant,

Former Staff Pediatrician, Medical Director at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Former CMO, Geisinger Health

Retired CEO, Lahey Clinic and Health System

Jeanne Venella,

Certified Adult and Pediatric Emergency Nurse

Chief Nursing Executive, with over 25 years of experience at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia