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Why Preventing Workplace Violence Should be Your #1 Focus And How to Do It

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2022 was the worst year on record for workplace violence in healthcare — but through powerfully simple preventative actions, healthcare executives can course-correct this alarming trend. Workplace protection for clinicians and staff isn’t only a critical measure for personal safety — it’s an effective way to recruit top talent, retain them for the long term, and equip them to deliver exceptional patient care.

Tune in for a timely conversation between leading industry experts, retired health system executives, and fierce staff safety advocates as they discuss evidence-based strategies to mitigate workplace violence and drive exceptional organization-wide outcomes.

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In this webinar, you’ll hear from former health system executives and dedicated staff safety experts from across the country who have helped create safer hospitals. Discover:

Meet The Speakers

These industry experts bring a unique lens on how to identify and deploy effective strategies to combat workplace violence in healthcare settings.

Erin Jaynes, MSN, RN

Former SVP/System CNO, SSM Health

CNO Strategic Advisor,
Commure Strongline

Howard Grant, JD, MD

Former CMO, Geisinger Health
Retired CEO, Lahey Clinic and Health System

Strategic Advisor,
Commure Strongline

Ronald Paulus, MD

Former CEO, Mission Health

Strategic Advisor,
Commure Strongline

Justin Green

Founder & Strategic Advisor,
Commure Strongline