Commure launches free AI-powered Ambient Scribe available to 250,000+ providers across 350 hospitals.

AI powered Ambient Scribe

Today, Commure is excited to announce the availability of a free, ambient, AI-powered Scribe capable of generating SOAP notes and automating documentation, integrated into the EMR. This tool is available across our suite of applications – Strongline, PatientKeeper, Commure Engage (, and Athelas RCM + RPM – and available with integrations into Epic, Athena, Meditech, and more.

With this release, over 250,000 providers at 350+ locations, and 40 major health systems will have access to state of the art, ambient AI technology through Commure Scribe.

Commure Scribe is a finalist in the VA’s AI technology challenge, which evaluated over 350+ scribing products. It has been shown to save 3 hours a day in documentation time for providers, generates SOAP notes in over 100+ template formats, can intake patient information, and summarize intake notes from multiple sources.

Multiple Scribing solutions on the market charge thousands of dollars per-provider a year. Commure believes that state of the art, AI-powered technology should be available at the fingertips of every provider – and integrated into existing applications they use every day.

Most customers will have the tool activated for free instantly, or made available by talking to your customer success representative.

Reach out to for more information.