Introducing Commure Strongline Pro

Mountain View, California: Commure Strongline, the award-winning trusted guardian
 of over 200,000 frontline staff across the nation and one of the fastest-growing and most feature-rich security platforms for healthcare providers, is proud to introduce its latest iteration — Commure Strongline Pro.

At Commure, we believe that addressing healthcare’s most significant challenges demands innovative, yet simple solutions. With Commure Strongline Pro, we’ve gone even further to provide a powerful duress-alerting system with more versatile location coverage, faster alerting and new features.

A Comprehensive Solution for Comprehensive Safety

Commure Strongline Pro is all about creating a safer environment for healthcare professionals with a user-friendly “plug-and-protect” approach. We prioritize the safety
and well-being of all employees across all facilities, whether they’re taking care of patients, walking between campuses or in a parking garage, or providing care in a home health environment. Our system delivers real-time distress alerts through various channels, including text, apps, or your existing communication solutions, all of which is customizable to your organization’s needs and workflows.

But what sets Commure Strongline Pro apart goes beyond its impressive features. It’s about the expertise, experience, and excellence that Commure brings to the table, coupled with valuable customer feedback.

Our Design and Engineering Principles

In the realm of high-reliability products, we believe that rigorous testing is the ultimate product. We subject Commure Strongline Pro to the most stringent testing protocols to ensure its reliability and effectiveness. Our track record of building FDA-certified products sets us apart. We understand the rigorous standards and testing requirements essential for healthcare solutions. Commure Strongline Pro upholds these high standards, providing healthcare organizations with a solution they can expect to perform reliably every time.

Our design principles for Commure Strongline Pro are straightforward, but powerful:

  • Minimize Time to Intervention: In violent situations, seconds can make a life-saving difference. Commure Strongline Pro is engineered to minimize the time it takes for intervention, ensuring rapid response when it matters most.
  • Location Accuracy: Precision matters, especially when it comes to safety. Commure Strongline Pro delivers unrivaled location accuracy, ensuring that help arrives exactly where it’s needed to help de-escalate rising tensions quickly.
  • Uptime and Reliability You Can Count On: Healthcare facilities demand the highest level of uptime and reliability. With Commure Strongline Pro, we aim not just for 99% reliability and uptime, but for 99.99%, setting a new standard for excellence in healthcare staff safety.
Console on both desktop and mobile screens

Advantages of

Commure Strongline Pro

Commure Strongline Pro offers a host of advantages that make it 
the go-to choice for healthcare staff safety:

Garage and Outdoor Coverage

It offers extended coverage for the areas where healthcare staff may experience violent encounters (in parking garages, walking between campuses, or in-home health environments), and addresses vulnerabilities that previous solutions might not have covered.

Enhanced Location Accuracy

Commure Strongline Pro provides enhanced location accuracy, identifying the exact location of the alert and following it — even as it moves — until incident resolution.

Industry Leading Alert Time

Commure Strongline Pro sets industry-leading performance standards by swiftly notifying security personnel and nearby staff, significantly reducing response time in critical duress events for enhanced safety and rapid de-escalation.

Proximity Alerts Minimize Time to Safety

With Commure Strongline Pro, proximity alerting plays a significant role in ensuring the safety of healthcare staff. When a distress signal is triggered, alerts about location and status of an incident are sent out not only to the security team but also to nearby staff. This ensures quick response and intervention, crucial for preventing violent incidents from escalating.

Alert Customization

Commure Strongline Pro enables proximate and subscribed alerts to be tailored to your organization’s workflows and preferences, and delivered through text, iOS app, or integration with existing staff communication systems.

Security Camera Integration

Commure Strongline Pro’s camera integration offers precision incident monitoring, ensuring that security personnel have real-time visibility into unfolding events, enabling evidence collection and analysis for enhanced security protocols and informed decision-making.

Dedicated Companion App

The Companion App complements the Commure Strongline Pro product suite, offering real-time incident updates through chat for coordinated response among dispatch officers, security responders, and staff in proximity. Users can cancel accidental alerts with a 4-digit key, and the app extends duress coverage to areas beyond the hospital, including parking garages, outdoor spaces, and home health environments.

Robust Reporting Features Powered by Machine Learning

Our reporting tools go beyond mere data collection; they provide you with a deep understanding of how your violence prevention strategies are performing. Commure Strongline Pro’s machine learning algorithms comprehensively understand your facility’s unique locations, situations, and times that are more likely to experience incidents. This intelligent analysis empowers you to implement proactive security measures and incident prevention strategies based on data-driven insights.

Robust Reporting Screen

Unparalleled Always-On Customer Service

In addition to its superior features, Commure Strongline Pro prides itself on offering unparalleled customer support. Our dedicated team is available 24/7/365, monitoring your system for issues and assisting you with any concerns.

And Did We Mention Extended Battery Life?

Commure Strongline Pro boasts an impressive battery life of up to 5 years. Your staff simply put it on and go; there’s nothing with our solution that needs to be recharged or tested.

Commure Strongline Pro represents the culmination of years of experience, commitment to excellence, and expertise
 in building reliable, FDA-certified solutions. 
It’s more than an upgrade; it’s a testament to our unwavering dedication to providing healthcare organizations with the highest standards of safety and performance. 
Trust in Commure Strongline Pro, because excellence is in our DNA.

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