Expert insights and compelling opinions on the evolution of the healthcare industry, the importance of innovative technology, and the role that Commure plays in bringing them both together.

The Road Ahead: Uniting Health Innovators for Connected Care and Collective Wellbeing

Healthcare’s “internet moment”  is rushing towards us due to a convergence of forces, resulting in a massive shift toward personalized, consumer-centric care driven by connected cloud, computing, and other digital technologies. With the right technological infrastructure in place, we can capitalize on this moment to shift away from geographically and digitally siloed “sick care” to a system of consumer health experiences that span virtual and physical services while bending the cost curve.

Why Big Tech Hasn’t Produced Big Change in Healthcare

Tech giants have disrupted nearly every industry, but there’s still one massive stronghold that’s yet to give way to the disruptive power of Big Tech: healthcare. You can’t blame them for trying. How often in a generation is there a multi-trillion dollar industry still poised for change on an industrial-revolution scale? The desire to “fix” healthcare and its longstanding access, costs, and experience challenges is perhaps one of the most uncontroversial ideas in our country’s discourse today. But the inertia of how healthcare got where it is today is the very reason Big Tech can’t seem to crack the nut.