The Road Ahead: Uniting Health Innovators for Connected Care and Collective Wellbeing

Healthcare today is a contradiction. Delivering one-size-fits-all, reactive care to ailing patients isn’t health care, it’s sick care. Despite tremendous funding and innovation, we’ve been on the precipice of “sick care” system failure with soaring costs, rising disease states and expanding inequities. The ongoing pandemic clearly pushed our fragmented and institution-centric system to the brink. And yet — despite all this — I’m incredibly optimistic about the future of this industry and our ability to keep more people healthy while making care accessible for all.Healthcare’s “internet moment”  is rushing towards us due to a convergence of forces, resulting in a massive shift toward personalized, consumer-centric care driven by connected cloud, computing, and other digital technologies. With the right technological infrastructure in place, we can capitalize on this moment to shift away from geographically and digitally siloed “sick care” to a system of consumer health experiences that span virtual and physical services while bending the cost curve.

To usher in this new era of health assurance, Commure is building the common architecture and universal platform that healthcare needs to mend data insularity of all kinds and catalyze collaborative innovation at scale. By uniting the entire ecosystem of new entrants, startups, and health systems, healthcare innovators are transforming care delivery and ensuring everyone gets the preventative, personalized care when and where they need it.

As a radiologist and former executive at the VA, I understand firsthand that healthcare modernization requires an army of responsible innovators, not a silver bullet solution looking to disrupt. Commure was founded on this belief and exists first and foremost to unite health innovators in service of connected care and collective wellbeing. We champion a radically collaborative approach to partnership because we know that we can only achieve health assurance if the current ecosystem plays a key role in building it. Leading health organizations are already embracing the shift. We are empowering not only institutions that are known for their leading innovation, but also those that want to start writing their own innovation legacies.

This mission, and the incredibly talented teams working to bring it to life, is what led me to join Commure as President in May. I’m now honored to take on the role as CEO, as we enable collaborative innovation that champions wellness for the greater good of society. Each day we are rapidly approaching a tipping point of impact and a network effect of innovation in healthcare. We are poised to achieve the scalable change I saw was so needed from my own experiences as a radiologist and caregiver, and I’m inspired by the road ahead. It is thrilling to help create and scale a company like Commure that is responsibly innovating to have a tremendous and meaningful impact on the lives of so many.