Driving Staff Wellbeing, Patient Outcomes, and Operational Excellence:

Leading Children’s Hospitals are Going All-In on Staff Safety. Here’s How.

84% of pediatric staff have reported experiencing workplace violence.

Threats against your workforce are tragically very real and pervasive — with equally real and far-reaching consequences.

Workplace safety is the foundation not only for your staff’s wellbeing, but also for your organization’s ability to provide consistent high quality care, retain essential staff, and reduce labor & operational costs.

Fortunately, with the right tools, this escalating crisis isn’t just addressable — it’s preventable.

Commure Strongline is the only staff safety solution that:

  • Prioritizes episode prevention and early de-escalation
  • Enables discrete and portable ways to call for immediate assistance
  • Protects all staff — both clinical and nonclinical — in all facilities, at all times

Discover why 99% of Commure Strongline-protected staff believe their organization is creating a safer workplace. Schedule a demo today:

There’s no time to wait to prevent workplace violence —
Your staff, patients, and organization will thank you.

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