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    Our next-generation developer platform, powered by CommureOS, will enable pro-, low-, and no-code ways for health systems and startups to innovate on top of our building blocks and create or customize any solution with ease.

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    FHIR-Native Components

    Fetch and display FHIR resources in your application with just a few lines of code.

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    Example: Patient card with FHIR connectivity

    import { FhirDataQuery } from "@commure/components-data";
    import { PatientCard } from "@commure/components-core";
    const MyPatientCard = ({ patientId }) => (
      <FhirDataQuery queryString={"Patient/" + patientId}>
        {({ data }) => (
          <PatientCard resource={data} />

    A Powerful and Innovative Feature Set

    Commure Launch will be a comprehensive developer platform that includes all the features necessary to develop and deploy healthcare applications based on the open HL7® FHIR standard: a robust FHIR API server, fine-grained security framework, event service bus, EHR integration, API gateway, flexible data store (or cache), UI components/framework, Terminology services, and more. It will also provide an ecosystem for sharing and accelerating healthcare software innovation that is independent, fair, and fast.

    FHIR API Server

    Fully featured FHIR server built for conformance, compliance, performance, and security from the ground up.

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    AAA Security Network

    Authentication, authorization, and audit of all data access, integrated with existing SSO or ActiveDirectory infrastructure.

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    Event Service Bus

    Enables responsive and near real-time applications using standard FHIR APIs.

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    FHIR API Gateway

    API gateway features specifically designed for FHIR protocols.

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    Flexible Data Store

    Caches or stores data in a modern replicated datastore.

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    UI Framework

    Simplifies handling FHIR data with React.js components and rich SDKs.

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    FHIR Terminology Services

    Manages medical terminologies and codes such as LOINC or SNOMED.

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    Compliance-Focused Hosting

    Simplifies compliance with HIPAA, HITRUST, and health system requirements.

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    “Working with Commure has accelerated our ability to get our products live quickly — simple, intuitive, modern, FHIR-based — this is how healthcare software should be built, integrated, and deployed!”

    Ashish Shah
    CEO, Dina

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