Commure and Ayble Health Partner to Connect GI Patients With Personalized Care

Amid Increasing Demand for Care, Commure and Ayble Will Scale Specialty GI Care to Patients

  • The growing GI patient population is experiencing suboptimal outcomes and health equity challenges due to a critical shortage of GI specialists, dietitians, and psychologists to meet the increasing demand for care
  • Clinical guidelines recommend dietary changes and behavioral healthcare for GI patients, but with a shortage of specialists to refer them to, Ayble acts as a “specialty care referral in a box” for providers
  • New partnership allows healthcare organizations using Commure Engage to refer GI patients directly to Ayble, improving patient experiences and outcomes while reducing hospital admissions 
  • Ayble Health’s CEO, Sam Jactel, will share highlights of the partnership during his speaking session at the AGA Tech Summit in Chicago on Thursday April 11th at 4:15 pm

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA, April 11, 2024Today, Commure announces its partnership with Ayble Health to connect GI patients with personalized care. Ayble Health, a digital health platform for patients with chronic gastrointestinal (GI) conditions, will integrate within Commure Engage, an AI-powered care coordination platform that automates clinical patient care pathways for healthcare organizations. With this novel partnership, providers and care coordinators can refer patients to Ayble with one click via their EHR (including EPIC and Cerner). As one of the first specialty care solutions to join the Commure Engage partner network, Ayble will provide customized programs for those suffering from painful digestive health issues and unlock new efficiencies for care teams.  

Filling A Critical Gap for GI Patients in an Overwhelmed System

Demand for GI care is increasing as patients flood into primary care clinics, urgent care centers, and emergency departments (EDs) experiencing uncomfortable and sometimes debilitating symptoms. While the total number of ED visits over the last decade has remained steady, the proportion of GI ED visits has increased significantly

The current system is not effectively managing these patients and their chronic conditions in the long term. A significant contributing factor: there are often no dedicated GI specialists on staff in primary care, urgent care, or ED locations. While general practitioners are trying their best, they often have little knowledge about specific GI disorders and fail to adhere to current guidelines. Even GI specialists are limited in their ability to provide dietary and behavioral therapy to their patients according to clinical guidelines, given a significant shortage of GI-trained dietitians and psychologists.  

To fill this critical supply gap, Ayble is the first and only gastroenterology company accredited by the American Nutrition Association and the Validation Institute. In its Outcomes Report, the Institute highlighted that Ayble Health’s precision nutrition program is two times more effective than in-person or virtual dietetics and drives 30-40% better adherence to recommendations. The Institute has also recognized Ayble as the first company to be FoodMed certified.

Streamlining the Personalized Care That GI Patients Require

The integration with Commure Engage streamlines how providers refer GI patients to Ayble, which is proven to improve clinical symptoms for 84% of users. For example, if an IBS patient visits a primary care or GI specialist provider for treatment, the Commure Engage platform will review the patient’s information stored in the EHR, including relevant clinical data, and will suggest Ayble as an option for customized care. Providers can refer patients to Ayble in one click that is fully integrated into clinical workflows with the Commure Engage solution. Patients onboard into the Ayble platform through a simple sign-up process. 

“Dealing with debilitating GI symptoms is already challenging, and navigating the healthcare system for the right care can add to that stress. Our collaboration with Commure Engage throws a lifeline to GI patients who have faced difficulties in getting effective treatment from specialists, PCPs, urgent care centers and EDs. It also provides essential support to clinicians who are grappling with the high demand for care and the growing issue of burnout,” said Sam Jactel, founder and CEO, Ayble. “Commure’s extensive network of healthcare organizations extends our reach and allows us to integrate into clinical workflows, immediately pairing GI patients with a clinically proven solution for effective treatment.”

Commure Engage takes the manual burden away from clinicians and care teams working with GI patients and allows healthcare organizations to streamline clinical care coordination, resulting in better patient outcomes. With more than 35 million patient engagements to date and over 500 automated clinical care pathways, Commure Engage’s extensive Digital Health Formulary helps providers activate patients across their care and achieve millions of efficiencies. 

“As we learn more and more about the link between gut health and a patient’s overall wellbeing and mental health, it becomes increasingly important to make sure we’re connecting GI patients with the customized care they deserve,” said Rick Strobridge, VP of Sales at Commure. “By partnering with Ayble, we know clinicians at our partner healthcare organizations can confidently refer patients to digital prescriptions that can effectively address their conditions, delivering measurable patient outcomes improvement while reducing health system costs.”


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Ayble Health is a digital health platform empowering patients with chronic GI conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) to manage their care beyond the pill. Ayble combines the largest GI behavioral health database in the world with its proprietary machine learning algorithms to build personalized, predictive care for every patient – all with the human touch of a licensed care team. Ayble’s platform is built on 20 years of research, including publications in Gastroenterology, Inflammatory Bowel Diseases and Clinical & Translational Gastroenterology, and it is accredited by the American Nutrition Association. Patients can find Ayble through their physician partners, employers, insurers or directly online. Visit

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