Commure + PatientKeeper: Fixing Fragmentation to Accelerate Innovation Across Healthcare

Today we are excited to announce that Commure has entered into an agreement to acquire PatientKeeper. This transaction represents the first step of a long-term partnership between HCA Healthcare and General Catalyst, and it also has major benefits for both Commure and PatientKeeper and our customers.

Our two companies could not be more aligned when it comes to how we see the industry. The greatest challenge we’re solving for, and have dedicated our efforts to since day one, is the fragmentation of the healthcare ecosystem.

The current health ecosystem functions like a city without roads: we built the “city” of healthcare, populated with over 3,000 healthcare IT companies, without considering the pathways that would connect them. Healthcare lacks the proper infrastructure and connectivity to collect and serve up data in ways that will meaningfully transform the way care is accessed, coordinated, delivered, and experienced.

Today this fragmentation can cause real harm to patients and clinicians and hamper the ability of our health system to deliver the best care. It puts heavy administrative burdens on patients and care professionals alike, and acts as a stumbling block to innovation.

PatientKeeper and Commure are both dedicated to mending this fragmentation and we are so excited about what we plan to accomplish together. Combining PatientKeeper’s two decades of experience designing, deploying, and supporting clinical workflows with Commure’s cloud-based platform will accelerate the construction of those roads to connect the “city” of healthcare we all must navigate.

Together, Commure and PatientKeeper will make it easier for health systems and hospitals to take control of their many disparate data sources so they can build people-centric workflows, while helping new digital health companies as they scale and collaborate with traditional health systems.

PatientKeeper has built an incredibly successful business around these principles and after the transaction closes, PatientKeeper will continue to operate as a standalone division within Commure. Both of our teams are maintaining our headcount and growth plans after the transaction closes — we see this as an opportunity to grow together.

In parallel we will begin the work of replatforming PatientKeeper’s software onto Commure’s cloud-based platform. By modernizing and creating modular components from PatientKeeper’s deep intellectual property, Commure will rapidly meet the growing demands of our hospital partners for a common architecture that lets them more nimbly deploy new solutions and pair them with other innovations in care.

If we’ve learned anything in the past two years, it’s that these innovations are coming whether the industry is ready for them or not. The future healthcare ecosystem will not be confined to hospitals or traditional care facilities. New models of care blending virtual and physical experiences for patients and providers are already here. For all of that to work in service of patients and providers and the collective wellbeing of our society, we need to create those “pathways” to connect the physical with the virtual.

That’s exactly what we’re working to do, together. This is an incredibly exciting moment for both of our companies and we are eager to continue the important work both PatientKeeper and Commure have begun.