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Commure Growth Strategy: A Road to What Matters

May 18, 2021 5 min read

Falk Gottlob

Falk Gottlob, Field CTO

Commure is in a unique and advantageous position in the healthcare industry. Backed by financial titans, informed by senior healthcare leaders, and led by world class healthcare innovators, we are set to tackle the biggest digital transformation any industry has seen in the last 20 years. But our growth must be as thoughtful as it is quick, and we must be able to bear the pressure of rapid change and expansion in order to achieve our mission at a large and impactful scale.

"Empower health institutions to create the future of physical and virtual care."

— The Commure Mission

Strategic partnerships and M&A (mergers and acquisitions) have been and will continue to be Commure’s primary growth strategy. From the beginning, we have been cultivating a culture of flexible growth and rapid expansion. We have proven that we are capable of more than doubling in size in less than a year, while remaining unshaken on our trajectory towards a massive impact on the foundation of healthcare.

The need for growth

The market is experiencing a new need for consolidation. Pressure to grow and satisfy customers and partners in an industry which frequently locks them into a state of, “what have you done for me lately,” is ever intensifying. As a result we must continue to embrace a high growth culture, and with it, constant change. In the last year, we added incredible new customers, products, and team members, all fueling our growth. But there is no finish line and the bar is constantly being raised. Our current and future customers require us to continue growing and delivering features at an ever increasing pace. One which we aim to meet and exceed.

Advancing our mission faster than expected, embracing and integrating new team members, new products and new managers are all features of coupling partnership and M&A growth with the culture needed to make it successful. We are paving a road in sore need of repair and we must embrace everything that helps us progress this mission for the greater good of our customers. At the end of the day, our most important goal is to advance our mission of empowering health systems at a level never seen before.

Embracing change

Commure’s culture is built on a foundation of seeing the change around us as an opportunity to grow, both as an individual and as a collective. Each member of the Commure team is part of a group culture which asks them to expect revisions and restructuring as we grow, allowing us to reposition ourselves as needed, to ensure that all of us are on the pathway to achieving our mission.

To accelerate our progress we must embrace change effectively. We prioritize creating time and space for our teams to set clear expectations and goals for themselves and for their coworkers. We express our needs and wants. We address what is not going well and spotlight the successes. We proactively give and receive feedback from those around us and we encourage learning and growth at every single level.

It might sound like many disparate concepts and skills, but ultimately, they all boil down to one idea: our ability to enable ourselves to change. Our capacity for change is something that we have intentionally and deliberately cultivated over time, and I believe it is a key element to our continued growth which we will always choose to nurture.

Change can be exciting

Oftentimes, we will get excited about a change, but then we snag against a moment of tension. We hit a moment of self-doubt. A moment of friction. A moment of conflict with a co-worker or customer or a stubborn line of code.

When we encounter friction, we have a choice. We can fight the change because the tension is uncomfortable, or we can embrace it as proof that we are advancing the purpose of our work. Accepting that change happens while staying focused on the mission leaves everyone feeling more empowered, so that we can turn every tense moment as a launching point for our own growth. A blacksmith does not focus on the sparks leaping from their hammer as they mold and shape their vision into reality, and neither should we.

Commure’s culture makes a practice of leaving every moment of change undaunted, with a feeling of progress, knowing that we have advanced once more. Our mission will remain as a guide and reminder, long after the temporary sparks of change have passed. Change is inevitable, and our choice to embrace it while remaining focused on our goals will turn any snags or friction into accelerated growth towards our pursuit of a better future for physical and virtual care.

I believe that it is our ability to embrace change at a structural, cultural, and industrial level that enables us to make the most of our strategic partnerships, mergers, and acquisitions. Commure’s growth shows no signs of stopping. I invite you to embrace change with us, and watch as you grow at an unprecedented pace towards a better future.

Falk Gottlob

Falk Gottlob, Field CTO

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